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Reeling Freedom’s Warrior Shootout Inshore Tournament 2019 Tarpon Springs

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Mar-02-19 All day

Reeling Freedom 2019 Annual Inshore Slam Tournament / Live Release
March 2nd, Tarpon Springs Florida
. All participants are encouraged to come to the captains meeting. Attendance by least one member from the team is mandatory in person or online. However, captains who do not come to official meeting will not receive Captains prizes. Online captains meeting will be streamed live on the Reeling Freedom Facebook Page.
Registration Fees / Divisions
o Team Registration Overall
 Team (4 Anglers per boat) $200
 Payouts will be 50% of total entries – For example; 40 entries of $200 equals $8000, 1st prize would be 50% of $4000 or $2000, 2nd 30% of $4000 or $1200, 3rd 20% of $4000 or $800

o Kayak Division
 $100 Single Kayak Angler
 Payouts will be for 3 places, 75% of total entries will be split up 50% for 1st, 30% for second, and 20% for 3rd
 Kaku Kayak give away TBD based on the number of entries

o Salt Strong Insider TWT
 $FREE to any angler that is a verified Salt Strong Insider Prizes TBD by Salt Strong
 Insider winner will receive the infamous black hat and performance shirts from RF

o War on 22 memorial TWT
 $FREE Redfish closest to 22” in memory of our fallen heroes Prize TBD from Freedom Boat Club.

• Rules and Registration
o The Rules and Prizes of this tournament are subject to change up until the Captain’s meeting on Feb 28th at Fireside Pizza 1104 Nebraska Ave, Palm Harbor, FL 34683.
o Captain’s meeting is MANDATORY for at least one member of the team and all teams must sign waiver prior to fishing. All teams will be required to pick up the official tournament ruler prior to tournament start the day of. Any 2016-2018 CCA ruler will be accepted as the official ruler of the tournament.
o Captains meeting will also be live streamed on Reeling Freedom Fan Page on Facebook. Captains that choose to attend online meeting will have to obtain their own CCA Ruler and will NOT receive Captains bags or prizes.
o Token will be drawn assigned via live broadcast on the Reeling Freedom Fan Page on Facebook and published on the tournament website at Midnight before all lines in the water. All teams are responsible for obtaining their own token which will be a playing card drawn March 1st. <>

o Teams
 Team Division – The motorized division will consist of no more than 4 anglers per boat. Each team will be considered a single entry for the overall division or TWT prizes.
 Kayak division – Will consist of single person entries using a NON-Motorized kayak, paddleboard, one-person flotation, wade or shore anglers.
o Format
 Tournament fishing will start at Midnight or 1200am on March 2nd
 This is a strictly catch and live release tournament, digital photo tournament. All digital photos must include your official tournament ruler and token clearly displayed. All photo’s must be taken on March 2nd during the hours of your division. If there are any unclear photos or photos are missing the tournament token and ruler they will not be accepted and will be disqualified. Time and date stamps must be visible or assessable in each entry. All anglers must provide the tournament directors a copy of this phone via SD card or email at the time of weigh in. No photos will be accepted via email and all anglers must check-in in Person at weigh in. Tournament committee will not provide any special cables or equipment at the time of weigh and all participants must provide the necessary cables to transfer those photos to the tournament committee. All photo will become the property of Reeling Freedom when transferred during weigh in and are subject to use online and social media.
 Pictures of fish must be taken with tournament ruler, playing card token, and fish facing to the left in all pictures. Fish must be placed flush against ruler line with the tail to the right pinched and clearly show overall TAIL length of fish. A crew member must accompany the fish photos during the weigh-in. All digital entries must show the ENTIRE fish and clearly show overall length. Any photos that are not clear and concise will not be used and will be disqualified at the discretion of the tournament committee.
 In the event of a TIE the team or kayak angler that registers (in person) their catch first will be the winner.
 Boundaries for this tournament will be from Cedar Key to Boca Grande on the west coast of Florida.
 All tournament entries must be in the weigh in line no later than 4pm on 2 March 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS! If a team arrives at 4:01pm after weigh line has close that team or angler will be disqualified for entry.
 All tournament decisions and/or disqualifications are subject to review by tournament committee. All decisions by the tournament committee are final.

o Categories and Prizes
 Largest combination in length of each species Snook, Redfish, and Seatrout. Only one fish of each species will be accepted as tournament entry. If no team or angler catches a slam the largest combination in length of one fish per species will be accepted. For example, if no team or angler catches a Snook the longest total length of Redfish and Seatrout will determine the winner.

• Cash prize of 50% of total entries will be broken up as follows based on 40 total entries; For example; 40 entries of $200 equals $8000, 1st prize would be 50% of $4000 or $2000, 2nd 30% of $4000 or $1200, 3rd 20% of $4000 or $800
• Kayak/Paddleboard prizes are as follows; 75% of all total entries paid as follows 50% of remaining prize pool to 1st Place, 30% to 2nd, and 20%
o Kaku Kayak giveaway to winner TBD from Kaku Kayaks
• Salt Strong TWT one winner will receive a special gift from the founders of Salt Strong and prizes from Reeling Freedom.
• War on 22 TWT Prizes TBD from Freedom Boat club

o Legal Rules
 Two or more boats may NOT come into contact after tournament start in any manner, NO EXCEPTIONS!
 Sportsmanlike conduct is expected always on the water, before, during, and after event. Your team is subject to disqualification and will be banned for all future events if these rules are not followed.
 All fishing and angling methods must comply with current Federal and State regulations as state by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the US Coast Guard.
 This is a Captains Choice tournament. It is up to the discretion of the registered captain to determine whether his or her craft is seaworthy for existing sea and weather conditions. The captain is responsible for all members of his/her crew both on and off the water. Your vessel should be insured and Guides must have current insurance and licenses.
 You must catch and reel the fish to boat by hand held, no motorized rod and reel. Live OR artificial bait IS allowed. No Nets will be allowed to catch and photo fish. Your vessel and kayak are subject to inspection as the tournament committee deems necessary.
 The tournament committee has the right to refuse entry to any applicant. In the event such refusal occurs, 100% of the applicant’s entry fee will be returned if previously accepted.
 All Registered boats must comply with State and U.S.C.G. safety regulations. All decisions of the Tournament Committee and Weigh Master are final.

o Protests
 Any team or angler may choose to protest in any division by paying a $500 deposit after all entries have been completed. The $500 deposit will be refunded if protest is upheld, if not the $500 protest fee is non-refundable. Protests must be filed within 15mins after the announcement of winning prizes. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE ARE FINAL.

Screenshot 2019-02-03 11.03.37.png

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    tournament application:

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  • Jun-26-21 All day

    North Florida Redfish Series #5 Championship    TBA 2021

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    N.F.R.S. will be kicking off on February 27th 2021.
    The season will consist of 5 tournaments and 1 final championship.
    2 man teams, one price per team, a team of the year award based off points and a championship that everyone has a chance to win.
    NFRS Championship information-
    Our June championship will consist of 2 back to back days.
    We will be launching out of the St. Marks Fort on both days- Saturday June 26th and Sunday June 27th
    You must have fished at least 2 of our tournaments to qualify to fish the championship.
    Our last regular season tournament to fish with us will be May 22nd in Panama City, Florida which means this will be the the last chance to get your 2nd tournament in to get to the championship
    Championship winner(s) will be determined by combined weight of each day.
    2 redfish allowed on Saturday and 2 redfish allowed on Sunday all which will be released after the weigh in each day.
    You must fish both days!
    Entry fees are as followed-
    Tourney fees- $200 for the combined both days
    Big Red(optional)- $50 for combined both days
    Angler rewards(optional)- $200 for combined both days
    $200 gets you into the tournament with no side pots
    $450 will get you into everything for the whole weekend.
    Points for teams will be based on results of the combined weekends weights.
    It’s going to be a blast!!!!!
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    Please if you have a boat a kayak or have a favorite spot to fish come on out and join our tournament cash prizes for big fish and smaller prizes to follow check out the website sign up and get your gear today and have a blast with us all for a great cause.Cost is $30 and Angler up to four Anglers a boat or $30 a kayak or $30 per person weighing in

  • Jun-27-21 All day

    Brian Dingman Memorial Junior Angle Tournament                  Jacksonville 2021

    Fish with the kids in The Brian Dingman Memorial Junior Angler Tournament, held on Sunday, June 27. This years event is the 17th anniversary and will be even more special thanks to our awesome sponsors. 2021 King Buster Tournament

    [email protected]

    Here’s your chance to do something good....
    If you kingfish and have a boat ...we need your help. We need more boats to take the kids from Dreams Come True of Jacksonville, Inc. fishing in the Brian Dingman Memorial Junior Angler Tournament June 27 in the King 2021 King Buster Tournament
    These kids have been through so much and just want to get out of the on the water, have a little fun and catch a kingfish.
    I was complaining yesterday about all of my “problems” when they are nothing compared to what these families have to go through on a daily basis. We are so blessed!
    I’m old enough to know the best gifts in life are the ones you give....
    So good Captains of Jacksonville...this is your call to step up and lead by example...
    I bet you get more out of it than the kids.


  • Jun-30-21 - Jul-04-21 All day

    50th Annual Pensacola International Billfish Tournament             Pensacola 2021

    Ph 850-453-4638


  • Jul-05-21 - Jul-06-21 All day

    Poor Boys Tarpon Fly Tournament               Islamorada 2021

    [email protected]    PH  305-509-0253

    As legend has it, The Poor Boys Tarpon Fly Tournament was started about 45 years ago by some of the most infamous fly fishing legends and you will probably meet them, they still fish. After the "big three" tarpon fly tournaments in May and June, the locals wanted a chance to compete. So they started the Poor Boys, to make the tournament accessible to anyone who wanted to prove their skill and competence. The tournament has kept in line with this over the years. We want everyone to have the chance to show their skills in the saltwater fly fishing community in Islamorada.

  • Jul-17-21 All day

    Sean Shearman Garnet and Gold Fishing Tournament    Captiva  Tween Waters 2021

    Happy Monday! We'd like to shine a light on t-shirt sponsors, the law firm of Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A. and insurance company, Rider Insurance Group.
    Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A.
    Henderson Franklin is one of the largest, locally-based law firms between Tampa and Miami with 60 attorneys dedicated to providing a wide range of legal services in the areas of business and tax planning, estate planning, family law, business and civil litigation, eminent domain, intellectual property, workers' compensation, employment law, real estate, and land use and environmental law. Henderson Franklin operates offices in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, and Sarasota (by appointment only).
    Robert Shearman is founder of the Club’s fishing tournament. He is chair of Henderson Franklin’s Tort and Insurance Litigation Department and a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Bob is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law expert and is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Mediator. He represents public and private entities with respect to constitutional claims, wrongful termination, discrimination, employment law, and harassment matters.
    Bob is a long-time member of the Southwest Florida Seminole Club Board of Directors. He also serves on the United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee Counties Board of Directors. We are honored to rename the tournament to honor Bob and Susan’s son Sean. Bob may be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 239-344-1160. Learn more at
    Rider Insurance Group
    Located in Estero, Rider Insurance Group is a leading independent Southwest Florida insurance agency since 1999. Their team is dedicated to serving the coverage needs of our local area individuals, families and businesses. Their services include automobile, boat, condominium, flood, home, life, motorcycle and recreational vehicles. Rider also offers business owner and commercial property insurance.
    Rider Insurance Group is a family owned business. They do not work for a specific insurance company; they work for you. Rider represents a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies, and place your policy with the company offering coverage that matches your described needs at a competitive price.
    Jennifer Rider Hartley

    is a long-time member of the Southwest Florida Seminole Club Board of Directors serves as Event & Ticket Chair.

    Rider Insurance Group
    9180 Estero Park Commons Blvd #9 • Estero, FL 33928
    239-992-9711 • [email protected]
    The 2021 Sean Shearman Garnet and Gold Fishing Tournament will take place July 16 and 17 at Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa. Cost per angler is only $150.
    Sean was a student at

    Florida State University

    and a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity when he was involved in a fatal car accident in October 2020. Proceeds from the fishing tournament will fund the Sean Shearman Scholarship, helping a local student heading to #FSU.

    There are sponsorships available, including the breakfast sponsor and multiple scholarship sponsor opportunities! For more information on sponsorships contact Gail Porter Lamarche at [email protected]


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    Key West Marlin Tournament         Key West 2021

    The 2021 Key West Marlin Tournament, featuring $50,000 in guaranteed cash prizes, is planned for Wednesday, July 21 through Saturday, July 24, 2021 at Stock Island Marina in Key West, Florida.

    Since the first Marlin Tournament in 1982, this world-class fishing event has drawn anglers eager to test the waters south of Key West on “The Wall.” Held in conjunction with Hemingway Days, the tournament celebrates the legendary author and sportsman Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Key West and fished these waters for more than a decade.

    In addition to spectacular fishing and prizes, the event features nightly festivities, including cocktail parties, fish fry, pig roast and an awards dinner.

    Entries are limited to 75 boats, so register now to ensure your spot. The Key West Marlin Tournament website also provides rules, categories and guidelines for the event.

    Stock Island Marina and The Perry Hotel will once again host the event at their beautiful facilities—book now for special rates for tournament participants.

    There are also opportunities to become a tournament sponsor and advertiser to these select sportsmen and their families. For questions or more information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

    Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

  • Jul-23-21 - Jul-24-21 All day

    Professional Redfish League               Fernandina Beach 2021

    Ph 361-438-7572    email [email protected]
    Professional Redfish League Rules and Instruction
    PRL National Championship Qualifying procedures.
  • Jul-24-21 All day

    The Logun Fishing Tournament       Steinhatchee 2021

    Weigh In At    Sea Hag Marina  352-498-3008


  • Jul-30-21 - Jul-31-21 All day

    FloGrown Fishing Classic Benefiting CCA Florida     Cocoa Beach  2021

    The inaugural FloGrown Fishing Classic will be a conservation minded tag and release Mahi Mahi tournament that benefits CCA Florida and generates research data for the iconic Mahi Mahi, which within recent years has become a species of concern

  • Aug-14-21 All day

    The Flatsmasters Tournament Series         Punta Gorda 2021

    The Summer Lure Classic    Trout & Redfish



  • Aug-19-21 - Aug-21-21 All day

    .ChaseN'Tailz KDW Fishing Tournament                Jupiter 2021                 Ph Info  561-201-7757          email    [email protected]

    It's time! For this week only registration to 8th Annual Chasentailz KDW Fishing Tournament will be $175, Save $50 by registering early! Capt Meeting is Aug 19th with The Leafy Greens Band performing at Harbourside Place and lines in Aug 21st. Register Please share with your friends so they don't miss out on this sale!

    We are very excited to announce that 8th Annual Chasentailz KDW will return to

    Harbourside Place  Aug 19th & 21st . We love this gorgeous venue and everyone there. Thank you for all of your years of support.
  • Aug-20-21 - Aug-21-21 All day

    Professional Redfish League               Destin 2021

    Ph 361-438-7572    email [email protected]
    Professional Redfish League Rules and Instruction
    PRL National Championship Qualifying procedures.
  • Sep-10-21 - Sep-11-21 All day

    Professional Redfish League               Tampa Bay 2021

    Ph 361-438-7572    email [email protected]
    Professional Redfish League Rules and Instruction
    PRL National Championship Qualifying procedures.
  • Sep-10-21 - Sep-12-21 All day

    To Catch The Cure              Key West 2021

    Info   Call Susan @ 305-664-2002    or 305-747-0839

  • Sep-11-21 All day

    Lady Raiders Fishing Tournament       Steinhatchee 2021

    Weigh In At    Sea Hag Marina  352-498-3008


  • Sep-11-21 All day

    The Flatsmasters Tournament Series         Punta Gorda 2021

    The Red Snook Challenge       Redfish & Snook



  • Sep-11-21 All day

    Calusa Sportsman Foundation Fishing Tournament              Fort Myers 2021

    Email    [email protected]

    It's official!!! Our first tournament, which will support Valerie's House, is in the works! Please click on the link below for sponsorship opportunities as well as event and team information

  • Sep-17-21 - Sep-19-21 All day

    Herman Lucerne Memorial Foundation   Islamorada 2021

    We are excited to announce the dates for the 2021 Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry Championships in Islamorada- September 17-19, 2021. We are still working on some of the logistics, lodging, etc, and as soon as we have the details locked down, we will open registration. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and stand by for more info.

  • Sep-18-21 All day

    Sea Hag Trash Tournament       Steinhatchee 2021

     At    Sea Hag Marina  352-498-3008


  • Sep-18-21 All day

    LCEC Annual United Way Fishing Tournament   Matlacha 2021

    Ph      (239) 656-2204     email   [email protected]

    LCEC hosted Fishing Tournament, with all proceeds benefiting the local United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee counties. Supporting our mission to contribute to our local communities in philanthropic endeavors. Join today

    Mark your calendars!! September 18th the tide is right and we are going back to tradition!! We are still catching and releasing and we hope to be gathering afterward for awards this year!!

  • Oct-02-21 - Oct-03-21 All day

    The Flatsmasters Tournament Series Championship        Punta Gorda 2021

    The 2 Day Grand Slam each day



  • Oct-02-21 All day

    Hooked On Heroes - Taking Veterans Fishing Tournament       Steinhatchee 2021

    Sea Hag Marina  352-498-3008


  • Oct-09-21 All day

    Steinhatchee Nauti - Girls Fishing Tournament       Steinhatchee 2021

     At    Sea Hag Marina  352-498-3008


  • Oct-16-21 All day

    The Plantation on Crystal River Redfish Classic    Crystal River 2021

    The mission of Plantation on Crystal River's Annual Redfish Classic Tournament is to produce the area’s best family-friendly Redfish Tournament, with Conservation and Education at the forefront of our goals.
    Promoting and encouraging more anglers to get out on the water is fundamental in raising tomorrow's generation, and this year we are a part of the Sodium Tournament Trail.
    Enjoy 4 independent tournaments under the Trail. The Sodium Trail team of the year Grand Prize winner will be presented at the last tournament of the trail being the Plantation on Crystal River’s Redfish Classic.
    Anglers must fish at least 3 of the 4 tournaments to be eligible to win the team of the year award. Enjoy a Sodium Trail discount on rooms at the Plantation for each tournament.
    Redfish are the target species and count towards the point system of the Sodium Tournament Trail, also included in the Plantation Redfish Classic are categories for Trout, and Grouper, as well as a Youth and Ladies Division.
  • Oct-23-21 All day

    Hook A Snook Catch and Release Fishing Tournament       Englewood 2021

    Time & Location

    Oct 23, 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    Englewood, 260 Maryland Ave, Englewood, FL 34224, USA
    Join us here at Stump Pass Marina for our first "Catch and Release" Snook Fishing Tournament held on Saturday, June 26, 2021. This will be a very LIMITED EVENT, available to the FIRST 50 boats that register!

    About the Event

    Cost: $250 per team

    There will be (3) Three Entry Categories to choose from:

    • Bait
    • Artificial
    • Fly

    Each member of your team will be entered with the same category, and IGFA Rules and tackle specifications apply.

    The rules will be reviewed at the Captian's Party on Friday evening. 

    Boundaries shall be Venice Jetty to the North, and Boca Grande Pass to the South.

    ​There are no minimum size restrictions for Snook on tournament day as this is a 100% release tournament.

    ​We will have a great lineup of prizes from local and national brands, as well as a "Auction in a Box" presented by CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) on Friday night.

    Check out our schedule of events for the tournament and click REGISTER NOW to get your team registered today!

    Captain's Party Friday Evening at Sunset Terrace

    We will start off the event with a Captain's Party on Friday, Oct 22nd, at our waterfront venue, Sunset Terrace, where you and your team (minimum of 2 members, maximum of 3) will enjoy the evening's planned activities that include:

    • Team Bag pickup
    • IGFA Rules Meeting (one team member must be present) (DOWNLOAD THE RULES HERE)
    • Meet our host, CA Richardson
    • Enjoy some great food, cocktails (2 drink tickets* included per team member featuring Papa's Pilar Rum), sunset
    • Cash Bar available for additional beverage purchases*

    Saturday, Oct 23rd , 2021

    7:00am - 8pm

    Fishing Commences

    Lines in at 7:00 AM on Oct 23rd, 2021. Lines Out at 2:30 PM. All score sheets must be turned in by 3:30 PM!

    Awards Presentations and After Party

    Awards will follow starting at approximately 5:30pm with the following anticipated categories:***

    Top Male Angler

    Top Female Angler

    Top Junior Angler

    Top Unguided Team – Bait

    Top Unguided Team – Artificial

    Top Unguided Team – Fly

    Top Guided Team – Bait

    Top Guided Team – Artificial

    Top Guided Team – Fly

    ​Evening after-party with planned BBQ Buffet, Cash Bar, and LIVE Music


    Join in the FUN and REGISTER your Team TODAY!

    *Must be 21 years of age or older to receive drink tickets | All times are approximate and subject to last minute changes

    ***All events and category details are subject to change